Attention, INNOVATORS, LEADERS and DECISION MAKERS if blending in is the intention then this is not for you.

3 is the magic number

The Three Things you must know to Grow your Business

  • Tired of tackling constant “fires” and a chaotic work environment with no change in sight
  • Wish you could gain back control of your time.
  • Wish your employees felt motivated and inspired to come to work?
  • Hoping this will be the year your business runs more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.
  • Need support figuring out the underlying strategy that helps you focus on your Top Clients, Niche Identification, and a Unique Offering that makes you stand out.
  • If any of the above symptoms are true for you, then you are not operating from your Sweet Spot.

When you are operating from your Sweet Spot, business growth stops being hard.

As Ireland’s first P.P strategist, we take you through the Pumpkin Plan Coaching Program. This program was designed specifically for small and medium-size businesses. This is not corporate theory retrofitted for small businesses. We understand the challenges that are specific to small businesses, and we address those challenges head-on.

When you are in your Sweet Spot, you are profitably selling something unique that your best clients want more of, and you have the systems, processes, and people in place to easily deliver it, without your direct involvement, over and over again.

The Pumpkin Plan guides you through unconventional strategies to help you build a truly profitable blue-ribbon company that is the best in its field.


Pumpkin Planning has had a huge impact on my business. Before Pumpkin Planning our growth was slow, our expenses were high, and so were my headaches. Since Pumpkin Planning our revenues are soaring every year, our productivity has gone through the roof, our profit margins have risen significantly, and best of all the client headaches are gone and everyone in my company, including me, loves coming to work again!

Steven Bousquet

American Landscape and Lawn Science

Working with a Pumpkin Plan Strategist is the best thing I have ever done for my business. Before Pumpkin Planning, my business was stuck in a holding pattern. The tools, guidance and support that I received from my Strategist enabled me to breakout of that holding pattern, double our sales in the next year and grow my team to realize my big vision.

Andrea Walker

Smartly Organized LLC

I had been working “IN” my business for over 7 years without much to show for it, or any signs of success coming my way.  Within Weeks of connecting to Pumpkin Plan Your Biz, I was paired with two different Pumpkin Plan Strategists who have both been guiding my energy into tangible success-driven results. Pumpkin Planning my business has Increased our Revenue and streamlined our services! I would tell anyone who knows they should be working “ON” their business to reach out and get connected to a Pumpkin Plan Strategist now!  Do It Now!!

Adam McKee

Contemporary Woods

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“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” —Jackson Brown