Legacy BE Our Story

Our Vision

“Make business success simple and accessible to all, changing the world with your creations”

At Legacy BE we believe everyone should be doing what they love and fulfilling their life’s purpose. While for some this is more aspirational than reality and they find themselves players in a game without access to all levels or even a clear understanding of the rules.

We offer a valuable service to those business owners who are collapsing under the weight of carrying their businesses on their own. By simplifying the over-complicated, sharing the unwritten rules, and providing a roadmap Legacy BE can help you find your path through your life’s journey. Take charge today and write your own script and avoid ‘unwittingly becoming an actor in someone else’s story’ (Taylor-Gatto).

Our Mission

“Awaken your potential to build not only another workplace but a creative space that allows everyone to be who they should be”

Every individual has the potential to achieve greatness. At Legacy BE, we believe you just need a helping hand, “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” (John C. Crosby).

Our role is to help you align your business with your life’s purpose to improve not just your life but those around you, from which an organic community can grow.

One based on the immutable law of sharing knowledge and support, creating a mindset of abundance within a social culture of scarcity, not bound by geographical borders nor the passing of time, but enduring in its legacy

Our Immutable Laws

BE a Lifelong learner

BE always adding value

BE a part of the knowledge-sharing culture

BE a practitioner of the Golden Rule

BE mindful of your biggest resource – Time

Our Values

We believe you are never done learning and there is no task beyond your capabilities. That’s why knowledge sharing, and collaboration are at the core of our service. People employ contractors to provide an extra pair of hands, a consultant is hired for their knowledge and to show you how to do more per hour instead of more hours. As the adage goes ‘you can always make more money but never more time.’

Our motto is to constantly be adding value, continually improving the condition of our clients, and always practice the golden rule to treat others as we would like to be treated. At Legacy BE, we don’t simply give you what you want we show you what you need to align your business with your life’s purpose.

About Us

Les Murphy, MBA

Managing Director

MSc BSc(Hons) BA(Tech)

A lifelong learner with a natural talent for mentoring and promoting self-development. My career background is in the field of engineering and construction, but it was the creative side of the business world that led me to complete an Executive MBA. Placing me on my current mission to make business simple and accessible to all.

As a founder and Director of an SME with over ten years of experience, I understand the challenges and lack of support out there for small and new business owners and how easy it is to become stuck in the ‘survival trap’. It’s a lonely place being a leader, and you’re always expected to have all the answers. That’s where Legacy BE can help, as a consultant, my role is to be the trusted advisor, a sounding board, someone to help you shape your future and not chase a prerequisite one.

Ann-Marie Murphy


MA Sociology, BA (Hons)

A self-directed learner with a passion for writing. My career background is in FSO performing various roles including training and mentoring. Having returned to education as a mature student my talents lie in the social sciences, and the study of human behaviour, the social norms and practices we operate in, and the social interactions that take place in our everyday lives. The unwritten rules and the level playing fields that some have access to while others always remain outside.

I have met too many talented people who are not fulfilling their potential because they are playing in a rigged game, with access to ‘some’ but not all of the rules. I want to change that, to use my extensive experience with my knowledge in marketing, branding, and copywriting to help your business not just survive but thrive. To show you how intrinsically linked your business is with who you are, your values, your vision, and the impact this can have not just on you but on those around you.

Ready to Change Direction

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